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Farmers Insurance Agent in Everett, WA
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Farmers Insurance Agent in Everett, WA

Jodi Strohm Ins Agency Inc
About Me

As a second generation local Farmers® agent in Everett, WA, I help customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs. This process is straightforward and personalized to help make you smarter about insurance. I have the knowledge and experience to help you better understand your coverage options--whether that's auto, home, renters, business insurance, boats, recreational vehicles, life insurance and more.

Give me a call at (425) 348-6288 and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Languages Spoken: English

Years of Experience

I have over 26 years of experience as a Farmers Insurance agent.


BS, University of Washington and Mariner High School


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What is an Umbrella Policy?

What is an Umbrella Policy?
What is an Umbrella Policy? You may have heard of a Personal Umbrella policy, but what is it? Do you need it? A Personal Umbrella policy is excess liability coverage above and beyond your existing insurance policies. For example, if you own two autos, a home, a rental and a boat all with liability limits at $500,000…the Umbrella policy would give you an extra layer of $1 million in liability coverage over the top of what those policies provide, or $1.5 million in total coverage. Policies can be written for $1 million or more depending on your assets. This sounds like a lot of coverage and you may wonder why you would need so much coverage. The purpose of liability coverage is to protect your current assets and your future earnings. If someone makes a claim against you that exceeds your auto insurance limit, then you would be responsible for the judgment amount above your insurance policy. The claimant could attach the judgment to your assets (savings, home, toys). You say, I don't have much, let them try. What about your future wages? If a garnishment of your future wages is made, can you live on less than what you are earning right now? What if 30% of every pay check went to pay off the judgment? You are a cautious person and cannot imagine anyone ever having to file a large claim against you. Consider these examples: The Roberts loved to entertain, which is why they bought their new home. It had a large second story deck overlooking their beautifully landscaped yard with swimming pool. They hosted a housewarming party for their friends and family. Everyone was enjoying the evening when suddenly a railing on the balcony gave way and a guest fell to the ground below suffering from head, neck and back injuries along with several broken bones. Multiple surgeries and physical therapy was required for recovery. With the high medical bills and injury claim, the Roberts were looking at $1 million to settle. Susan Henderson is driving to work on a cold January morning. Her car slides on the ice and she hits a businessman driving his Mercedes to work. Not only is his expensive car damaged, but the businessman is injured badly. He is unable to return to work and a jury awards him millions of dollars in the loss of his future wages. A delivery man is bringing you a Christmas package. As he walks up to your front door, he trips on the step. He injures himself and files a claim against you. Your teenage driver is distracted by an incoming text and doesn't notice the mother enter the crosswalk with the stroller. He hits the mother and baby causing serious injuries. The examples can go on and on all day…none of these was intentional, they were all accidents yet these accidents can change the lives of those that were injured and those held responsible for the injury. Serious claims do not happen every day, but they do happen. As you go through life building your nest egg for the future, you have to decide if you are willing to lose everything and start all over. The good news is that Personal Umbrella policies are fairly inexpensive for the coverage they provide. The premium depends on what the underlying exposures are (how many autos, houses, toys, etc.) The premiums start about $150 per year (1 house, 1 auto) and go up from there. Contact me for more information. I would be happy to give you specific information for your household. Identity Theft and Moving (posted April 2011) Many customers are their most vulnerable to identity theft during a move. As you prepare for a move, you have a lot to plan and think about…address changes, phone number changes, new utilities, banks, schools and jobs. All of these changes can result in a lot of paperwork being mailed out to you and perhaps not all of it arrives at the right place. The risk of identity theft in this transition is increased. Here are some ways you can help to preven...

Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life will throw you its share of curve balls. Life Insurance1 can be your financial catcher's mitt. Let me show you how.
Junior Achievement Volunteer
I have been a classroom volunteer with Junior Achievement for more than 5 years. I enjoy working with students of all ages to learn about the business world and inspire them to reach their potential.
My Hobbies and Favorite Activities
I love following all of our local sports teams
I enjoy spending time with my family on our boat
Home Insurance
Teach your son that success usually starts with a plan.
The Future of Your Small Business
As a small business owner myself, I know it's not easy to plan for the future when you factor in the unexpected. A Buy-Sell Agreement funded by a life insurance policy can help reduce the "what ifs" in your mind. Let’s work together on a plan sooner rather than later.

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