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Farmers Insurance Agent in Kalispell, MT
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Farmers Insurance Agent in Kalispell, MT

About Me

As your local Farmers® agent in Kalispell, MT, I help customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs. This process is straightforward and personalized to help make you smarter about insurance. I have the knowledge and experience to help you better understand your coverage options--whether that's auto, home, renters, business insurance and more.

Give me a call at (406) 758-7009 and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Languages Spoken: English

Years of Experience

I have over 8 years of experience as a Farmers Insurance agent.


Saxion College, The Netherlands

Neighborhoods Served

Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Lakeside, and North West Montana


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My mission as a Farmers Agent is:

My mission as a Farmers Agent is:
to help my customers manage the risk of day to day life, recover from small or big accidents and protect their families.

Facing the odds

Facing the odds
"Gezellig" A very good friend asked me the other day, what of my Dutch heritage I incorporated in my life in the United States. That can only be one thing: Gezellig. You can find it in my new office, it's in my home, it's part of my personal and professional relationships, you can even find it in my work. So what is it? According to Wikipedia, gezellig is the word to encompass the heart of the Dutch culture. Gezellig is an example of untranslatability and is one of the hardest words to translate to English. It's best explained by giving some examples: A brown café is gezellig. A dentist's waiting room is not - though it can be gezellig if your friends accompany you, particularly if they are gezellig. An evening on the town with friends is gezellig, especially if you have dinner at a gezellig restaurant, see a good movie, and finish with a drink at a gezellig pub. Trying to entertain the inlaws-from-hell is definitely not gezellig. Old-fashioned shops and boutiques are gezellig; modern warehouses are not. Watching a movie at home in a gezellige living room (read: warm colors, warm ambiance, and full of books, plants, full of knick-knacks, and with a dog or cat or two) is gezellig, especially if you have gezellige friends over. Eating dinner at a fast food restaurant is gezellig, though here again gezellige friends can make a difference. Gezellig, for me is a way of life, I could not do without. When I moved into my new office, I wanted it to be inviting and cozy. Buying Insurance is definitely not gezellig but it can be if you are in a nice, warm and friendly environment where clients feel comfortable to talk about their personal life and concerns.In my agency it's all about making it gezellig for my clients; personal relationships that are based on professionalism, trust and honesty. A saying in the insurance world goes "no policy is as good as the agent who serves it". Come and check out my new office on 245 Main Street in Kalispell, I'll think you will find it gezellig! 758-7009
Facing the Odds
Imagine for a moment that you lived in this beautiful apartment complex in Billings; great downtown location, rent is reasonable, nice, safe playground in front of the building, get the picture? You've just returned home from a long day at work to find that there has been a fire. You had heard the sirens when you were at the office but had no idea that at that exact moment everything you owned went up in flames. Standing in front of the scarred building, you realize that your TV, VCR, clothes, furniture, dishes-- Everything has been destroyed. This is what happened about a year ago to 18 families and none of them had insurance. Nobody was paying to replace their belongings or cover the additional cost of living. A renters package would have been the answer. Spending an average of $8.00 - $15.00 per month the fire would not have been prevented, but it could have brought those 18 families back to where they were prior to the loss. If you rent an apartment or a house, your landlord carries insurance for losses that may occur, but unfortunately your landlord's policy won't cover your personal belongings for that same loss. A Farmers® Renters package may fill this gap with the necessary coverage to replace your loss or damaged personal belongings. A Renter's package may also pay for additional cost of living after a loss, like meals, hotel etc. Now imagine that the fire started in your bathroom because you had left your curling iron on that morning. Since you now caused the fire the insurance company of your landlord will come after you. Fortunately with a Renters package you have a 24-hour-a-day liability protection for you and your family living with you. Call me about a Renters package today, so I can get you back to where you belong just in case the unexpected happens.
Family History
My own family history is very much connected to the United States because I was almost born here! The story begins in 1886; the Munter family lived in the village of Colijnsplaat on the Island of Noord-Beveland, The Netherlands. Henri Munter had settled there around 1550. He had fled France because of his religion, he was a Huguenot and Huguenots where not very well liked at that time, you literally had to run for your life! The Munters lived very peaceful for many centuries; they build dikes, worked the land and had many babies. Slowly but surely the social climate began to change and where the Munters had always been able to provide for themselves on their small farms, in the mid 18-hundreds they had to hire themselves out as laborers to big land owners. At that time that was not much fun; there were no labor laws or unions so landlords could pretty much set their own rules. Laborers were treated like slaves, worked 6 days a week for almost no pay and they better be in church on Sundays! When they came home after a long day, they had some potatoes on the table and maybe now and then some meat and it was not a nice juicy steak! So in 1886, mother Maria Munter, who recently lost her husband Jacob, had enough! During a family gathering she suggested they would emigrate to the United States of America. She had heard wonderful stories about this new world and how everybody who was willing to work could make a decent living. She had three children: Anthony, the oldest was married to Catharina and he is my great-grandfather. Then there were Willem and Davina, both still single. And although Catharina was a little hesitant to leave her family, they where soon planning their trip; tickets where bought and they where to set sail in Rotterdam to the New World. Since they did not own that much, they just packed their meager belongings and started the trip to Rotterdam, which at that time was a journey in itself! When they finally arrived in Rotterdam, Catharina who was not too keen about this whole undertaking from the get-go threw a fit. She flat out told Anthony that she had changed her mind and wanted to go back home and that as far as she was concerned this whole America plan was off. Of course that threw Anthony for a loop. He was very much in love with his young wife but he also wanted to go on this new adventure. To make a long story short: Catharina won! Which in itself is proof that I come from a line of stubborn, determined women who are not afraid to speak their mind or go after what they want. So Anthony and Catharina waved their relatives goodbye and never saw them again. They traveled back to Noord-Beveland where a few years later their first son, Jacob was born, my grandfather. Later followed by another son and two daughters. Eventually Anthony was able to buy a small farm that he left Jacob when he died, since the second son, Kees, already made a career in the army. Jacob married Jozina and together they built a home where they raised their son Anthony, my father. My sisters and I were born and raised in that very same home. In the meantime, mother Maria, Willem and Davina had made it to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Both Willem and Davina married other Dutch emigrants. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about what happened with this side of my family. My father used to tell me stories about the packages they received during WWII. He would tell us girls about the anxiety and hope he felt when the packages came in the mail. Devina used to put these together so she could help the Dutch relatives during a difficult time. She would send them soap, toothpaste, fabric and on occasion when the packages made it safely passed the occupying Germans, real chocolate! During the mid-fifties, Willem's grandchildren William and Ethel paid my grandparents a visit. William was stationed in the air force in Frankfurt, Germany and his sister was with her husband who was also stationed in after war Germany. My father remembered this visit...
Partner North West Montana Homes For Heroes
Homes for Heroes® is a company that affiliates with real estate-related service providers who offer substantial rebates and discounts to the Heroes who serve our nation and its communities every day. Our Heroes include military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers and others who make our communities a better place to live. Click Here to visit their website for more information!
Christmas At Our House
I am excited to be participating in an even called Christmas At Our House. I will be joining other fellow communities members in serving a Christmas dinner to those who are less fortunate in our community. It is so gratifying to be able to give back to my community with the simplest thing as giving my time. There is no better feeling knowing that I have brought a smile to someone's face. This picture to the left is a photo from a prior year.

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