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Photo of Colby Neal

Colby Neal

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Photo of Colby Neal

Colby Neal

About Me

As a small business owner in Scottsdale, I have a unique understanding of the challenges your business may face. My wife and I have extensive experience in real estate, mortgage, and of course the insurance industry. We insure commercial business policies in Arizona and Oklahoma. Anywhere from shopping centers, to Farms, to repair shops. Farmers is the #1 business insurance provider in AZ. Contact me for a no-obligation policy review quote.

Business Insurance Agent in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have much time to spend on insurance. That’s where I come in. My name is Colby Neal and I’m also a small business owner in Scottsdale, AZ. I have 10 years in the mortgage and real estate industry gives me knowledge, experience, and expectations that gives me a unique understanding when it comes to commercial real estate, workers compensation, and commercial mortgage.

As a Farmers agent, I work with local businesses like yours to help as you identify and minimize risks. Whether you’re researching property, liability, or workers’ compensation coverage, I’d like to sit down with you and discuss your commercial insurance options. Just give me a call at (480) 860-0860.

Business Insurance Coverage Types




Workers' Comp



Local Business Owners Ask Me About

Scottsdale Property Insurance
Scottsdale Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your business with Farmers coverage for your building, equipment, inventory and operating income. Let’s have a conversation about it today.
Scottsdale Liability Insurance
Scottsdale Liability Insurance

Business Liability Insurance

You might face legal action from customer injuries, data breaches, product defects and more. Liability insurance can help you protect your business.
Scottsdale Commercial Car Insurance
Scottsdale Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial Car Insurance

Your business might face risks like auto accidents, uninsured motorists and fuel spills. Let’s discuss how Farmers can help you protect your assets.
Scottsdale Workers' Comp Insurance
Scottsdale Workers' Comp Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Concerned about injuries, OSHA regulations, and workers’ compensation fraud? Let’s discuss how Farmers can help you protect your employees and business.
Scottsdale Business Life Insurance
Scottsdale Business Life Insurance

Business Life Insurance

You may have challenges like debts, interruptions and buying-outs for heirs if your business loses a key person. Learn how Farmers life coverage can help.

Industries In Which I Specialize

Scottsdale Real Estate Insurance
Scottsdale Real Estate Insurance

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Real estate comes with risks like property damage, liability and loss of rents. Let’s discuss how Farmers coverage can help as you protect your investment.
Scottsdale HOA Insurance
Scottsdale HOA Insurance

Homeowners Association (HOA) Insurance

Homeowners associations are concerned about visitor safety, property damage and managing funds. You can help protect your HOA with Farmers coverage.
Scottsdale Hotel Motel Insurance
Scottsdale Hotel Motel Insurance

Hospitality & Motel Owner Insurance

Hotel owners face risks like property damage, theft and injuries to guests. Let’s discuss how Farmers can help as you protect your business from the unexpected.
Scottsdale Restaurant Insurance
Scottsdale Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants are vulnerable to risks like fire, theft and injury to workers. Let’s discuss Farmers coverage options so you can decide what you want.
Scottsdale Retail Store Insurance
Scottsdale Retail Store Insurance

Retail Store Liability Insurance

How would inventory loss, robbery or structural damage affect your store? Let’s talk about ways Farmers can help you protect your business.

Industries I Serve

Apartment Owner Insurance

For owners of small apartment buildings, large apartment complexes and everything in between.

Auto Service & Repair Shop Insurance

For owners of shops that specialize in collision repair, oil changes, transmission repair and more.
For those who own office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial parks, warehouses and self-storage facilities.
For organizations including museums, schools and civic groups.
For independent contractors such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers and painters.
For governing bodies that manage the common areas and other aspects of a homeowners association. 
For the owners of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts.
For companies that manufacture products of virtually any type.
For the offices of independent professionals such as doctors, lawyers and consultants.
For churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other types of religious organizations.
For owners of quick service, casual and fine dining restaurants.
For owners of food trucks.
For those who own shops such as salons, dry cleaners, boutiques and convenience stores.
For businesses that provide wholesale goods and services to retail industries.

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